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Online Visibility

Online Visibility in the first instance offers an organization or individual, prescence on the web so that you can direct users to more information about you and your organization. In the second instance it represents the opportunity to be found in more ways than one. Search Engines, Advertising, or Content Development


About Fleming Studios

Since 1997, Fleming Studios has been delivering quality services to a wide range of organizations. From non-profit and education to small and mid-size businesses, Fleming Studios has been able to offer a wide range and services for all.

Under the direction of our lead consultant Paul Fleming, you will find solutions that match your needs and objectives.

For the past 8 years, Fleming Studios has been assisting individuals and organizations to take the necessary steps in establishing and increasing their online presence. Our solutions are customized to each specific need whether it be web design, online communications, database development or other, Fleming Studios can get it done efficiently, effectively and affordably.

We are committed to offering our clients a quality product for an affordable price including small business, education and non-profit organizations.



Our Director, Paul Fleming brings a background in Art, Education and Marketing to the organization he started 8 years ago. He offers his extensive experience in Web Design, Usability, Technology and Online Marketing.
This background and experience can offer your organization the opportunity to make your conversion online a painless and profitable one.

Our lead developer, Albert Runyan offers his extensive skills in web development and programming, ensuring that your and your organization gets a quality product that is thoroughly testing and requires very little ongoing support.
Our lead designer, Amy Bestman brings a background in graphic design and a eye for detail. Clients are amazed at how accurately Amy is able to replicate what they have been thinking.



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